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Toad Hollow Farms

Toad Hollow Farms

Toad Hollow Farms

Providing Central New York the finest premium compost and compost blends since 1998.

Call us today to order bagged or bulk products for your stand, store, farm or won’t be disappointed!!

“Your plants are only as healthy as your soil…”

About Toad Hollow Farms

The Guptill Family Farm began composting in 1998.

Toad Hollow Farms Natural Compost was launched as a positive farm based environmental business.

Toad Hollow Farms Natural Compost began composting manure from the Guptill Family Farm as well as leaf and yard waste from the Town of Onondaga and fruit and vegetable waste from grocers in and around Central New York.

Composting farm manure helps to protect the local watershed and composting fruit and vegetable waste has provided a great opportunity for Central New York grocers to keep their food wastes from entering the conventional waste stream and being landfilled and/or incinerated.

Toad Hollow Farms Natural Compost has developed a complete line of compost products that are sold at garden centers and nurseries across Central New York as well as at the CNY Regional Farmers Market between May 1st and October 31st. Bulk Compost is also available for on-farm pick-up or delivery throughout Central New York.

In keeping with the tradition of progressive sustainability strategies the Guptill Family Farm is currently developing a commercial scale Bio-diesel facility that will recycle used vegetable oil and produce an environmentally sustainable Bio-fuel. In addition we’re looking forward to building an on-farm retail, processing and education facility in the near future. This farm facility will allow us to direct market our naturally produced dairy products, alongside meadow raised meats, and ecologically grown specialty vegetables.

Why Compost?

Compost is every garden, nursery, or farms’ “Brown Gold”….

- Provides organic matter, nutrients, and improves soil tilth in farm fields and home gardens.

- Improves plant health, reducing or eliminating pest and disease problems.

- Enhances plants natural vitality, reducing weed pressure and improving yields and growth rate.

- Increases moisture holding capacity of soil while improving drainage during run-off and high rain events.

Why our compost!

Why Toad Hollow Farms Natural Compost?

Our compost products are the result of intelligent resource management.

We carefully compost a blend of food scraps from local grocers, ground leaves, woodchips and animal manure from our chemical and pesticide free farm.

This blend composts in turned-windrows for a minimum of six weeks, reaching and maintaining a temperature of 131 degrees Fahrenheit and destroying potential weed-seeds.

It is then allowed to mature for a minimum of six months, producing a finished compost that soils and plants love!!

Compost can only be as good as its feed-stocks / ingredients.

The very best composts are made from diversified feed-stocks and are allowed ample time to mature after the initial composting process is complete.

Toad Hollow Farms Natural Compost maintains one of the longest maturation periods in the industry.

Research has shown that it is during this maturation phase that the compost is re-colonized by beneficial micro-organisms. It is these beneficial micro-organisms combined with the humified organic matter in the compost itself that are the real workhorses of the compost world. These microrganisms help to unlock soil nutrients, stimulate plant growth and suppress plant pathogens and diseases!

Toad Hollow Farms feedstock quality and diversity is unrivaled in this region and is reflected in our superior products.

Quality compost can only be produced from safe materials. Our compost NEVER contains any municipal sewage sludge and we perform annual testing on all of our materials to determine their quality and safety.

When you choose Toad Hollow Farms Natural Compost you can rest assured that your choosing the finest compost products in Central New York.

Our Premium Product Line

Toad Hollow Farms Natural Compost offers a complete array of premium composts and compost blends.

Our products are available in bagged and bulk form and can be found at nursery and garden centers throughout Central New York, as well as at the CNY Regional Market on Saturdays from May - October and for bulk sales via direct order from the farm.

We will be updating our website soon and will post participating retailers and the compost products that they carry.

We hope that you'll support these excellent nursery and garden centers.

They are all locally owned and operated and have made a committment to selling high quality locally produced compost.

For information on wholesale bag orders and/or bulk orders please refer to our "Contact Us" page.

Premium Compost

Typical Analysis N- 1 / P – 0.2 / K- 0.1

This is our finest compost made from a blend of source-separated food residuals, animal manure, ground leaves and wood chips. It is screened to ¼”, providing aeration, greater root penetration, moisture and nutrient retention properties.

Directions for use- Blend with existing soils or top-dress to add finely screened organic matter to your growing medium. This is also a great compost for introducing to your potted plants and can be mixed with existing potting soils.

Garden Blend Compost

Typical Analysis N-0.5 / P –0.2 / K- 0.1

A blend of premium coarse compost and composted bark fines. This carbon and organic rich blend will loosen and aerate dense soils. The rich woody mix provides excellent moisture and nutrient retention capability.

Directions for use–
Incorporate into garden and landscape soils or apply as an excellent fall or spring top-dressing. Garden Blend is our best-selling compost year in year out and it’s for good reason. Try Garden Blend on your farm or garden…you won’t be disappointed!

Over The Top-Soil

A premium compost based top-soil created through a careful blend of finely screened farm made compost, composted bark fines, gravel fines and sand.

High in organic matter this compost based top-soil provides excellent moisture retention and tilth.

Directions for use- Excellent choice for repairing and establishing new lawns. Also good while planting or amending trees and landscapes.

All top-soil is NOT created equally!! Our “Over-the-Top Soil” is a compost based top-soil and is truly a premium top-soil product.

Manure Compost

Typical Analysis N- 0.7 / P– 0.2 / K- 0.7

Excellent value and attractive pricing, made from composted animal manure and bedding. An affordable means to meet basic organic matter needs in gardens, lawns and landscapes. Contains fewer fibers from composted bark fines and less beneficial microbial activity than our premium compost.

Directions for use- Manure compost adds rich organic matter, and improves soil tilth.

Professional Light Potting Mix

A blend of premium composts, bark fines, and perlite. Made for the serious grower, this lightweight mix improves disease resistance with excellent soil structure, moisture and nutrient retention.

In greenhouse trials, it outperformed other leading potting mixes and it's CHEMICAL FREE. Our mixes don’t contain the additives of many commercial potting mixes.

Directions for use- Use in flats and trays to germinate seeds and grow transplants. Also fine for potting-up and transplanting house-plants.

Peat-Free Potting Soil

High quality potting soil made from a blend of our own mature compost, bark fines, gravel fines and coarse sand. Contains no peat mined from peat bogs or other chemical additives.

Great for indoor and outdoor use, excellent for potting-up and patio style planters. Provides excellent soil structure for root penetration, moisture and nutrient retention. Our seedlings love it!

Directions for use- Use in containers for house plants, seedlings and transplants. Needs no additional amendments but can be blended if desired.

In addition to these fine products we can offer custom blending for bulk orders. Please contact us with questions regarding custom blended bulk orders.

Supporting Family Farms

Toad Hollow Farms Natural Compost is run by the 4th generation on the Guptill Family Farm.

The Guptill Family Farm is located in South Onondaga, New York on Tanner Road.

Back four generations ago when the Guptill Family first settled this area the road was called Johnny Cake Road and was initially part of the property tracts being deeded to officers and soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary War.

The Guptill Family Farm was traditionally a diversified producer of mixed livestock, forages, small grains, and vegetables. In the mid to later part of the 20th century as did many farms the Guptill Family Farm began to specialize its production to meet the current needs of the agricultural economy. The Guptill Family Farm began to focus on dairy production and remains a dairy producer to this day.

The Guptill dairy is a small family dairy that is free of any chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides and has around 50 – 60 milking cows. These cows are raised on fresh green pasture and grass and hay forages.

The cows on the Guptill Family Farm are an eclectic mix of specialty breeds and cross-breeds that have been proven through history to produce high quality milk on a pasture and grass-based forage diet.

These cows are healthy and happy and produce great milk!! And great manure for composting!!

The Guptill Family Farm continues to pursue diversified farm enterprises that improve its economic and environmental sustainability. The development of Toad Hollow Farms Natural Compost is a major element of that sustainable development.

We're proud to announce that in 2007 the Guptill Family Farm was awarded the Onondaga County Soil and Water Conservation District - Conservation Farm of the Year Award.

This award recognizes farms and farmers that have made infrastructure improvements and management decisions that protect the environmental and ecological well being of the county and its land and water resources.

Contact Us

Guptill Family Farm
4505 Tanner Road
Nedrow, NY 13120

Compost Sales (315) 345-5451
Fax (315) 469-4596 - FAX
E-mail Inquiries:


  1. My boyfriend and I got compost from Toad Hollow Farm for our garden. It is FILLED with glass, plastic, cloth, wires, and god-knows-what. It's one thing to have stickers from composting fruit and it's another thing to have GLASS that we are now picking out for all eternity. Do yourself a favor and get your compost from ANYWHERE else. =(

  2. It does have some debris that you wish it didn't, but I must say, the soil grows everything bigger and better than any soil I have ever seen. We'll order again.

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